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More Squeaky Clean Jarvis Hayes Diary Updates

The Jam Jar has a Proustian moment at the AllStar Weekend!

Coach Jordan Chroming regularly off DoubleWide sharpie he uses to apply his bangs with, takes first genuine shot at his players!

Retro-Snipes our Bigs for being softcocks!!

"It was like watching grass grow," Jordan said of the trials and tribulations of Kwame Brown, Jared Jeffries, and Brendan Haywood. "Are they ever going to improve? Are they ever going to get it? Are they ever going to be physical? Are they ever going to grow? But then you step away and see [that they have]. This league is all about talent, toughness, and veteran's experience, not young, developing, soft teams."

Tom Knott continues to call out Wizards players for being gutless.

First he took on Larry "COldMountain" Hughes which was shameful.

Now he accusses StrawHouse of being a larcenous Felonius Bunk!

STACK had a very Tom Knott moment himself last week:

"It was worth it," Stackhouse said. "I was able to come back and show the professionalism of what the job is about. Now it's time to be smart, be professional about the situation."

Jerry Stackhouse is Like Matt Flinders (The Velvet Frog???) of the NBA, The Professionals Professional!!