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LBoogie out 4-6 weeks

Even though the Coy Mister is good for 3 or more wins all by himself, we stand by our prediction.

Its time for Juan Dixon to have good long look in the mirror, think he can see green germs crawling everywhere, give himself an antiseptic full body scrub, then have another long look in the mirror.

BIG game tomorrow as wiz take their destiny on the road to fast falling Phili and their interim coach and their Big Bad Voodo Daddy Samual DeLambert.

Remember when Voodoo went black magic on Gilbert Arenas???!!!!

And Gilbert wanted STreet Justice???

Now that the White Hand of Sauruman has been defeated maybe Voodoo can just be Samuel again and we can all get along, especially if by getting along you mean Kwame Brown scoring 30 points and dedicating his Player of the Week award to "The Hobbits"

The Wizards Will March On Because of Kwame Brown whose truly developed into a Manimal.

We may have to rethink the whole Salieri Mozart analogy! Maybe it could go like this:

Michael Jordan went and got his man in the draft, and tried his green-eyed best to ruin his protege but instead of Mozart dying in poverty from the poisons of Salieri, he hides the pills under his pillow like james Caan in "Misery" from the dirty bird in the black mask, and gets his strength back and challenegs Salieri to a duel, defeating him but sparing his life out of mercy and Salieri is exiled forever. Meanhwile Mozart reworks his depressing poison-fueled unfinished Requiem into a more upbeat "The Ride of The Kwames", a dizzying, spastic masterstroke that is so successful that he can retire forever from powdered wigs and quills

He divorces his commoner wife Konstanze and takes up with the Austiran King Joe's daughter Maria Theresa who doesnt die at age 8 from smallpox. Mozart and Maria move South to warmer weather, and Mozart becomes a popular Mayor of the local town while Maria heads up celebrity charity auctions and does occasional stints for Extra, and eventually Mozart feels overadored and takes an early retirement and puts his small hands back to work, this time as a tanned golf course architect. Maria and him move into a massive neo-italiantae townhouse overlooking the 9th hole, and MTV Cribs does a special on him and the house, and he has pianos in every room, including the bedroom, where he tells the camera "this is where the real action takes place", and the audience isn't quite sure if he means the piano or the king sized bed until he turns on the way out to give us a cunning wink!!