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We miss you too Rod

Rod Strickland added 14 points to go along with seven rebounds and a season-high 16 assists for the Raptors

Dave Johnson found talking to himself by the felt padded Television pillars at Wheaton Plaza

Orlando may have dumped Rod to go in the tank for the draft, but Rod left Orlando a litlle Sumthin Sumthin!

I love how it was immediately ASSUMED to be spider bites!!!!! Its DOesnt Take CSI MIAMI to put thes epieces together!

Rod looked 10 years younger last night, perhaps because our brothers to north have no halfsmokes due to bitter trade pact?

Once Rod gets his own personal, FUNKMASTER Flex vending cart registered in Toronto we will see the old rod back, the old old one, not the young old one.

The cart has all the FLEX signatures: The Glacier Bay mixing faucet has an arched swan neck, and the sneeze guard as stainless steel all the way!